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The Tapestry of Community 

The Barnes Gallery at Leverett Crafts and Art becomes a textile maker space during May, where Leonore Alaniz examines with the public a new textile ethos: Climate-beneficial fibers, creation of regional fiber economies; acquisition, care, disposal and decomposition of textiles. During the event and installation, the public is invited to bring threads with personal meaning, and weave them into a “Community Tapestry”; weave on a Rugged Rag Rug, make rope, card and spin local wool.

Slow Cloth and fibershed movements complement those of permaculture, organic farming and farm shares, in that they draw carbon from the air back into soil. Re-pair, re-purposing and re-cycycling are the focus of talks and exhibits. Massachusetts is a wool growing state, but fleeces are sold to China, processed and re-imported by Walmart. Regional fibersheds off set this business model with incentives to rekindle New England’s textile background, help start-ups, and encourage the public to engage in DIY art textile making. On May 5th at 2 PM and May 24th at 7 PM Leonore explains how municipalities cooperate with MA State initiatives on reducing the (toxic) textile waste stream into landfills. Free to the public. Tapestry of Community is an opportunity to create a colorfully textured work that is made by many and belongs to all.

AW-FD1Leverett Crafts and Art participates in MA ArtWeek.

Open Wed through Sunday 1 to 5 PM and by appointment.

Contact Leonore Alaniz at 860 605 6705